Team Restored Wellness

Linda Rose, Dr. Adams, Sarah & Paige

We're a group of wellness focused, community lovers who are here to help heal the Central Georgia area from the inside out.

We aim to make you feel like family   from the time you step foot in our doors. Once you're in, you'll be educated and enlightened as we collectively work to get to the root of your problems  so that your wellness lasts well beyond pain removal. 

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Dr. Rebekah Adams is the Founder and Chiropractor of Restored Wellness, which opened its doors in July of 2019. Dr. Adams currently sees over 300 patients per week.

She was recently married to Dustin Adams, and the two plan to stay local and serve their community here in Dublin. 

Rebekah uses top techniques in addition to her immaculate attention to detail and personalized plans to help change your life for the better - one adjustment at a time. 

Dr. Rebekah Adams

Founder + Chiropractor

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Sarah loves Jesus, coffee, creating with her hands, and helping people get healthy.  When she’s not chasing her toddler around trying to get him to put on clothes, she is either in the kitchen preparing food for her family or outside working in the garden and caring for their chickens and dog!

She started her path as a practitioner trying to help her daughter get well, loved it and has been educating herself ever since. 

Sarah Bothwell

Natural Health Practitioner

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Paige Kersey is the Office Manager here at Restored Wellness Chiropractic. She is a lifelong resident of Dublin, GA. Her professional experience includes over 15 years in diagnostic imaging technology. She has worked in multiple specialties of physician practice, including cardiology and pediatrics. She holds a degree in Radiologic Technology from Oconee Fall Line Technical College (Dublin GA).

Paige also serves as the Children’s Coordinator for Pleasant Hill Baptist Church (Cadwell, GA). Paige and her husband, Chris, have two sons (Corban, 11) and (Canaan, 8). You can find them many nights at a soccer complex. They love active involvement with family,  friends, and church.

Paige is here to help with the ins and outs of the office and makes it part of her job to ensure that you feel at home as soon as you enter the building. 

Paige Kersey

Office Manager

Linda Rose Morris is the patient care coordinator here at Restored Wellness. Her job consists of scheduling patients, attending to the front desk phone, and handling patient payments. Linda Rose is a 19-year-old college student, who currently attends Georgia Military College. She joined the Restored Wellness team back in December of 2020, and she hopes to further her education next year at Life University and follow in Dr. Adam’s footsteps, becoming a future chiropractor.

Outside of Restored Wellness Linda Rose loves being a cat mom to her new kitten, Moon. She enjoys spontaneous adventures with her friends, sushi, baking sweets for others, and late-night Waffle House trips with her young adult ministry group. Linda Rose’s favorite part about working at Restored Wellness is handing out stickers to children or seeing how many stickers each child can fit on her shirt and pants.

Linda Rose is a joy to the office and is always sure to spread her joy to each client as they enter the office. 

Linda Rose Morris

Patient Care Coordinator

Mia Adams is a 1-year-old bernedoodle and a total goofball who loves to play hide and seek! She is usually seen playing with the kids, though she enjoys a good head scratch from many of our adults while they are in the office.

She joined the team in February of 2021 and resides with Dr. Adams. On the weekends, you can find her cuddled up watching a movie, or running with some of her friends outside.

Make sure you say hello to her when you are in the office!

Mia Adams

Office Greeter

healing from the inside-out.

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